29 April 2015

CelticGold introduces My Vault

Buy Gold & Silver | Store Secure & Allocated | Ship & Sell anytime

We are the only bullion company in Europe that offers allocated & segregated gold and silver storage with full mobile online 24/7 accessability at lowest fees. 0.54% annual storage fee including VAT will be charged for Prosegurs Frankfurt vault in the first year of storage. In addition each new order qualifies for 3 months free storage.

CelticGold introduces "My Vault" as the convenient way to buy, store and sell gold and silver 100% allocated. Investors around the globe told us their problems, we listened and solved them: 

The Problem

Gold and silver markets have entered a stage where high price volatility is present, naturally investors want to take advantage of short term price fluctuations.

Problem 1: Shipping costs are relatively high on small orders. Each order that is shipped adds to the overall acquiring costs.

Problem 2: The professional investor wants to invest only in real physical metal. He or she knows that ETF‘s and bullion vaults do not offer direct physical ownership without counterparty risk. Some providers may offer a very convenient solution but it puts the professional investor off as the investment carries counterparty risk.

Problem 3: Allocated storage has been more expensive, less convenient and also hard to find a good bullion company who 

  1. has fair prices
  2. has a solid reputation and
  3. offers a transparent and accessible storage process

The Solution

CelticGold introduces My Vault. My Vault is the most convenient way to store allocated and segregated with two high-security storage facilities: G4S in Tallinn, Estonia and Prosegur in Frankfurt, Germany.

My Vault allows you to access your goods that are stored completely separate and without counterparty risk with any internet device.

my vault overview EN

The Features

My Vault allows you to:

  • Monitor your goods in storage
  • See the current value (updated daily)
  • Instruct Shipment for any quantity any time
  • Sell back to CelticGold
  • Access Storage Invoices
  • View Seal Bag History
  • Move goods between Vaults

The Fees

The costs for My Vault are slightly higher than with ETF‘s. For example CelticGold charges 0.54% for the first year of storage. GLD the gold ETF charges 0.40%.

Location: Prosegur, Frankfurt

The annual fee is 0.72% with 3 months free storage for every order, being in total 0.54% including VAT. The minimum storage fee is 60 Euros per year.

The Advantages

  • Fully secured physical allocated storage vs. IOU storage models
  • Full Liquidity at all times vs. risk of price cuts due to improper ETF price tracking and sale stops
  • Accessable at all times with any computer device (mobile friendly)
  • Low costs

The Security

1) Digital Security & Encryption

CelticGold operates the website on military encryption standard and the webservers undergo a daily external security scan by McAfee.

 2) Multi-Level Authentication

CelticGold performs a multi-level authentication process to verify each storage account. We use strong passwords, default bank account data and phone verification.

 3) Insured Secure Vaults

The vaults are secured by leading global secure partners: G4S and Prosegur. Only ultra-high security vault locations were chosen within the EU as we believe it may become very vital to be able to travel there within a short period of time.

Each vault is located no longer than 20 minutes from an international Airport where it is easy to fly in and out from.

The Summary

We hope you find this solution beneficial for your storage needs. Our aim is to provide the investor with  the old-fashioned conservative way of the highest quality secure storage available combined with the convenience of the digital age - mobile optimized I may add.

From the very beginning, CelticGold always advocated (and I‘m sure bored you at times if you attended the gold talks) the importance of real physical ownership.

With the allocated and segregated storage solution in My Vault we have made the almost impossible possible: Low fees, convenient and 100% allocated storage of gold and silver.

All we really aim at to do is empower people with gold and silver ownership. Remember: Gold and Silver are the powerhouse of your wealth. With My Vault we‘ve just taken it to the next level.

Author: celticgold.eu

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