26 June 2013

All Ireland Gold Tour – Road Diary

Conclusion of the All the Ireland Gold Tour

We have been to six towns over the last two weeks in Ireland and it was good fun meeting all the customers and non-customers. 

Thank you all for coming; I hope you had a good time and you benefited from the Q&A and info provided.

I hope the info starts to spread out and there will be more individuals that begin to educate themselves about money, gold and wealth.

The All Ireland Gold Tour is now completed as we are focusing on other projects. Thank you again.

Macroom 24th June 2013

Monday, 24th June we stopped in Macroom at the Castle Hotel. It was a small group so we had plenty of time to share everyone’s experiences about what’s happening with banks, governments and the general mindset people are in.

We agreed that more people are becoming aware of the risks and excessive fees in the banking system as well as the scramble for tax revenue by governments.

We continued on to talk about the monetary system, government debt and fractional reserve banking. We talked about the strategic steps on what the individual can take to become safe and the differences between gold and silver products that are available on the market.

We have concluded at 10.30.

Cork - 19th June

The talk in Cork more followed the protocol of sharing the secrets about money, gold and wealth. The audience included a mixture of novices and experts, customers and non-customers.

Many questions were asked and I must say the Cork talk was the most punctual as it started right on time. And I learned that Co. Cork is what Bavaria is in Germany.

We did the gold testing, talked about the recent gold price drop and the reasons why. We also have this information in the gold & silver article section here on celticgold.eu.

For much of the evening we talked about the scams, how to identify the authenticity of gold and silver coins and what to buy for the different types of investors.

We will be in Mallow on Monday 24th June at the Castle Hotel, start 7.30pm. Come if you can. This will be last stop in Ireland and the tour will be concluded after Monday.


Wexford - 18th June

We have made a stop at Whites of Wexford on 18th June for the evening talk. It’s amazing how different each talk is. In general the people who attend are either very knowledgeable or novices.

The good news for the novice is that you immediately arrive at a place where there are others that have done the research and so this is a comforting and reassuring situation.

The key themes that have emerged in Wexford were of a practical nature. People knew about gold and silver and how important it is to have physical ownership.

The main question was: Is there an alternative to banks?

The answer was no – not at this present time. One participant is self-employed and his bank account is only used to cover current expenses. He does not use a bank for his savings.

The person also shared that banks view people with cash as criminals. This is very true. Each person’s situation is a bit different but as soon as you start to move to an alternative you will feel the grip of the banks. And then the individual is confronted with all sorts of very strange rules and regulations.

As long as you do what you’re told from the main stream media you won’t see it. All these laws and strange rules are in place but they go mostly unnoticed by the general public.

For a fair share of the evening we have talked about adapting to the current situation and what the possible outcomes of this economic crisis will be. This was also the first time we discussed how vital it is to navigate with calmness, strength and clarity.

Now, small parts of the population undergo an awakening and as always when reality destroys the illusion the experience of itself feels a bit rough and discouraging at first. But when the first shock is over, the strength that rises from having touched truth within is much bigger than living in the illusion. A wise man wrote: There is nothing stronger than standing in the power of truth.

Dundalk - 14th June 2013

We started the talk in Dundalk at 7.30 on a Friday evening and even people from Belfast came to meet up and listen. A big thank you to Paul for organizing the talk and to the Lisdoo Restaurant who kindly gave us the function room free of charge.

People that came were very knowledgeable about the situation and what’s going on. They discussed how they were finding a way to consolidate finances, protect their savings and move towards safety.

We shared and agreed on the three main secrets of gold and money and moved into why owning gold and silver will protect ones wealth.

For a good part of the evening we talked about the best ways to invest in gold and silver, what coins and bars to buy and how to identify the overvalued and undervalued investments. Lastly, we discussed how to identify counterfeit gold and silver coins and bars.

We closed the session at 11.00 pm.


Dublin - 13th June 2013

Dublin was great fun, we met in a function room at Toner’s Pub, which is a very traditional pub with lots of different beers. A big thank you to Ian who arranged the function room and to Frank from Toner’s pub who kindly gave us the function room free of charge.

People were in a good mood and we had lots of laughs throughout the evening sharing real life experiences and how they are completely opposite of the main stream media. Money and gold is serious business but I like a light-hearted approach to transport information.

The knowledge of the Dubliners was outstanding. I would bet that no financial advisor could cope with the knowledge of the people that were there. And this is exactly what were going for: Bring the knowledge and power back to the people. Educate yourself, understand and move safely through this economic storm.

People have been concerned about the state of the Irish banking system, saying that AIB and the Bank of Ireland do not have a banking license.
this now being brought to the Courts.

We discussed the various investment alternatives, the historical purchasing power of gold and silver, how the price manipulation works, investment cycles and the different scenarios ON how this crisis will end.

People in Dublin were upbeat about the general situation of banks, austerity, QE and currency wars, simply adapting to it without drama.

The general trend is that people are finding creative and legal ways around paying taxes and bank rip-off fees. All agreed that the days of Western world banking will be over in the near future.

We talked until 11.30 pm.

Killarney - 6th June 2013

Yesterday was the first stop on our All Ireland Gold Tour in Killarney at The Brehon Hotel. The interested guests expressed their concerns about the Irish banking system and how hard it has become to function for both businesspeople and private individuals.

Everyone reported about how reality is completely different as to what the mainstream media tries to make people believe. All agreed that there is no real recovery. Especially one participant who is very knowledgeable in the alternative news said that the central planners have it all planned out and their objective is to de-populate Ireland.

I don’t know about this for sure but looking at how banks have been behaving recently the above seems to be a valid point. If the banks close down your bank account because you don’t comply with their Terms and Conditions they kind of force you to leave. Making a living without a bank accunt, paypal and credit cards in the electronic age is virtually impossible.

We continued to talk about asset allocation and I have repeated what we have been saying in the daily gold & silver articles on our website www.celticgold.eu that the trend goes from intangible to tangible.

Jim Sinclaire says: “Exit the Western banking system while you legally still can.” This was another topic we have talked about. How do we set up ourselves to preserve and grow our wealth but still stay functioning in this dysfunctional system? Creative solutions have been presented on this topic.

We continued to discuss about what gold and silver cons to buy for the different investment purposes. We have also shared how to legally receive the silver in Ireland that is bought vat-free in Estonia.

Thank you all for sharing your knowledge and experiences – we finished at 10.30 pm.

Next Tour Dates – Start 7.30pm:

Dublin 13th June – Place to be confirmed

Dundalk 14th June – The Lisdoo Bar and Restaurant, Newry Road

Wexford 18th June – Whites of Wexford, Abbey Road

Cork 20th June – Place to be confirmed

Macroom 24th June – Castle Hotel, Main Street

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