3 May 2019

31 Months of FREE Storage for Silver Investors

When you invest in Silver and your strategy is to ride the next wave up and then sell, the following information will be beneficial to you.

The best way to maximize your return on silver is to sell back to us through vault storage at Prosegur. This is the way to achieve the best buy back rate. We at CelticGold guaranty authenticity, which means we have to screen each and every product that we buy back from circulation.

When we buy back from storage, we don’t have to screen each product, as we already screened it with the incoming shipment or we received a mint-sealed shipment that was stored away.

50% Higher Premium for Storage Buy-backs

We currently pay 6% above the spot price for silver coins that are stored through Prosegur. This is 50% higher than the 4% buy back rate for silver that comes back to us from circulation. The reason for this is the additional time needed for screening, which takes about 45 minutes for team members to screen 500 x 1oz Silver coins.

We don’t have to screen when you sell back from vault storage, which gives you an additional 2%.

Higher Buy back rate results in 31 Months of FREE Storage

Here’s the math for the 31 months of free storage. Every order qualifies for 3 months free storage anyway. After the 3 months free storage period, you need to move the silver to Prosegur for long-term storage.

Example: One order with 3 months free, which brings down the annual storage fee from 0.84% to 0.63%, the second and third year will be charged at 0.84%.

1st Year


2nd Year


3rd Year


Total for 3 Years



It’s a simple “rule of three” here: If 36 months cost 2.31%, how many months is 2%?

The result is 31 months. 2.31 divided by 2 times 36.

Additional Shipping Savings when you Store

What the above calculation doesn’t include is that you will save an additional shipping charge should you decide to sell back. Silver Shipping is always more expensive than gold because of the weight vs value ratio. So this is an extra bonus in the total equation.



Author: celticgold.eu

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