9 April 2013

11 Secrets to Doubling Your Wealth in the Next 5 Years

Uncover the secrets of gold & silver with this summary of what top professional traders, experts and trends forecasters predict for the near future:
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1)     The Economic recovery is an illusion - Economies continue to slow down – globally
China, Japan, the EU and the US are all slowing down resulting in a global economic depression

2)     Central Banks worldwide continue to print unlimited amounts of money
That means the value of your paper assets that you hold ticks down a little bit with every second that passes. 24 hours per day, 7 days per week; tick-tick-tick-tick.

3)     The Printing of money plus slowing economies cause currency wars. The currency wars are already here; the next steps are trade wars, protectionism and currency controls

4)     Hyperinflation starts once the trust in a currency fails.
Prices for food and energy sky-rock during this phase – Which has already started.

5)     This will result in a wipe-out (99% devaluation) of the currency = our wealth that is invested in bonds, shares, savings, etc.

6)     Gold (and silver) will be the new and ultimate money. Gold (in full or part) will return into the monetary system – stabilizing it - when the price of gold reaches $4,400 per Ounce.

7)     The big moves in Gold & Silver are still to come.

8)     One of the few ways to increase your wealth and protect your assets is by owning physical gold and silver coins and bars.

9)     Volatility will be very high for gold and silver
Be prepared for wild price fluctuations up and down in both gold and silver.

10)   Move your money out of the banking system
Hold your physical bullion positions under all circumstances and move gold and silver investments that are invested in certificates, ETF’s and electronic gold into the direct physical ownership. Exit the insolvent banking system by moving your bank held assets into physical gold and silver.

11)    Buy the Dips in Gold and Silver
As price volatility will increase in the future invest small amounts over a period of time into physical gold and silver. In this way you average out the price you have paid of your gold and silver coins & bars.













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Author: celticgold.eu

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