Is a cash transaction with CelticGold possible?

No, due to money laundering rules and regulations Celticgold can't handle cash transactions.

How can I pay?

Payments are accepted by Bank Transfer up to 50,000 Euros and Paypal up to 5,000 Euros. Additional handling is required when paying with electronic payment providers.The handling fees are 1.75% with Paypal payments.

What payment methods does CK Logistics accept?

CK Logistics accepts payments via bank transfer and paypal.

Contact CK Logistics via email:

Where do I find the bank account information?

We will email you the CelticGold bank account details after you have placed an order in the order confirmation. We bank with Sparkasse in Germany and the bank account data is no secret; however we do not want customers to transfer money into our account before having a confirmed order.

This is the reason why we don't provide the details in the first place.

Goods are only priced in Euros - Can I pay in my currency?

We only accept Euros as we mainly trade in the Eurozone. However customers that order with us from outside the Euro payment area are advised to use one of the many online currency conversion and transfer services or alternatively Credit Card and/or Paypal.

For example:

I'm from the UK - Can I pay in Pounds?

No, we only accept Euros. We would like to recommend the following online currency conversion and transfer services for easy transfers, best rates and lowest fees:


Alternatively we accept Credit Card and Paypal (up to 5,000 Euros) payments.

Can I change the payment method after I ordered?

We can't manually change the payment method after you ordered. Paying with electronic payment providers involves additional security checks and we will never take credit card details by phone or email.

All orders are legally binding as CelticGold guaranties the price upfront. An order with payment method bank transfer can still be paid with Paypal by adding the 2.4% handling fee manually to the order total.

Can I pay with Credit and/or Debit Card on the phone?

No. CelticGold operates to the highest possible security standard in the industry and CelticGold will never see or have access to your credit card details.Therefore we won't take your card details over the phone.