Is my package insured when being shipped out?

The dispatch is insured by CelticGold against loss, damage and theft. Please note the insurance is valid upon signature at arrival.

What happens if the parcel of my gold order goes lost?

CelticGold guaranties the delivery. Should the parcel go lost during transportation we then activate a research with the shipper. The shipper's research can take up to four weeks. Usually the parcel is found and will be then delivered.

Should the research turn out negative we will ship the ordered goods at no extra charge to you - as long as it takes to successfully deliver the goods.

When does the insurance coverage end?

The insurance coverage is valid upon signature at arrival. As soon as the package is signed off from the delivery company the liability is yours.

CelticGold will send a detailed description on how to take delivery. As this is a valuable parcel you are asked to exercise due care in accepting deliveries.

Are my goods insured during the 3 months free storage period?

Yes, in both high security warehouses your goods are fully insured against theft and damage.

Who insures CelticGold?

The CelticGold AG  are fully insured with "Mannheimer Versicherungs AG".

What happens if my silver shipment goes lost?

As you have instructed and paid shipment with a separate logistical provider CelticGold is not liable for any loss or damage of the silver shipment.

If you instruct CK Logistics for your shipment then your parcel will be fully insured.