How to Buy

How to Buy?

Gold & Silver - Six simple and secure steps for your order to arrive at your door.


Step 1 
Add Products to Cart
- The minimum order is currently 500 Euro -

To order gold and silver is like ordering clothes online. We call it gold-shopping. Browse through our catalogue, decide which coins and/or bars you like to purchase and add them to your shopping cart. CelticGold processes orders in Euro only. Should you transfer from the UK or any other non-Euro country then please be advised to change your currency with one of the many online FX transfer sites to get the best deal. Most of our customers use

We also accept 30 Major Crypto Currencies.

Don't know what to buy? Read our shopping guide and what the common five types of gold investors buy.

Watch the Step-by-step Editorial Video about buying gold and silver here (8mins) or continue reading:

Step 2
Check Out

After you have added the gold and silver products to your shopping cart; proceed to Check Out. Gold is shipped from our secure vault in Germany and silver is sold through our secure warehouse in Estonia. Therefore gold and silver orders will be handled separately. You will receive an order number for gold and an order number for your silver purchase. The minimum order quantity currently is 1,000 Euro per cart.

Step 3

Storage or Delivery?

When checking out, choose if you like to have your goods delivered or stored with our partner Prosegur in Germany. Click 'ship to vault' if you wish to store or use your preferred shipping address.

Find here our storage terms.

Before you check out, make sure you have read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions. After we have confirmed your order, the price is fixed. You will receive an E-Mail confirmation with a detailed description of your order. You can also see your orders in your customer account.

Step 4

After you have received our email order confirmation you instruct your bank to transfer the money to our bank account within 72 hours to secure your price. When transferrring the money via online banking please make sure you have moved possible transfer limits so you will be able to transfer the exact amount of your order confirmation. This helps us to allocate your payment easier.

Step 5
Payment Confirmation

We confirm to you via e-mail when we have received your payment. We usually ship same day but in times with high order volumes please allow 1-3 days for the order dispatch from the vault.

Step 6
Shipping - Receive your goods

On the day your package ships you will receive a shipment confirmation email that contains your tracking number and the shipper. As this is a valuable parcel, a signature is required from an adult person upon delivery. You will receive a discreet parcel by one of the shippers such as Prosegur and UPS.

Should you have any changes in the shipping address or need to authorise a person, please let us know by phone or email to so we can arrange to your specific needs. 


What Gold and/or Silver Products should I buy?

CelticGold Expert Guide

The CelticGold Gold & Silver Experts video (7 mins) shows you the new features on and explains a few extras for your information and the fastest buying experience.

We've built in:

Order Overview on homepage

CelticGold News on homepage

Quick Buy List Views for the fastest shopping experience in the bullion industry

(Almost) Daily Market commentary in the Gold University with info you won't find anywhere else