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What is the Premium and the Buy & Sell Spread?

Understanding the mechanics of the physical bullion industry is the key for successful precious metal investing. The green CelticGold live price ticker tracks the movement of gold and silver 24/7. There you find the gold and silver spot price in Euros, US-Dollars and Pounds.

The buying price for gold and silver is higher than the spot price. This is linked to manufacturing costs, packing, shipping, insuring and the bullion company's margin. As the premium on the product is the only way for the physical bullion industry to adjust to supply and demand premiums fluctuate.

We display the premium in each product. Simply click on any picture or product title to access the product description page. At CelticGold we aim to sell always at lowest possible premiums.

The Buy and Sell Spread

The Buy and Sell Spread brings the answer to the question: "How much do I get back if I were to sell right away after I bought gold and silver?

As the physical bullion industry involves a real effort to refine, produce, ship, insure and handle the gold and silver products from the mined raw material the buying price includes the above described premium.

When selling the gold and silver product the bullion industry can't buy back including the premium as the handling and screening need to be factored in again.

Very good bullion companies buy-back from customers at spot price, meaning the pay 100% of the spot price. For example most "Cash for Gold" shops pay 75% of the spot price.

The average buy and sell spread with the most common gold products ranges between 1% and 5% and naturally silver production and handling is more expensive and the buy and sell spread is higher ranging between 11% and 20%.  

Is there VAT on my purchase?

You will be pleased to hear that gold coins and gold bullion are vat free. Silver is sold through Estonia Vat-free as well.

Some of gold & silver products bought show slight scratches or marks - Is this normal?

All offered products on our website are 'investment gold/silver' and produced in high numbers and meant for circulation. Even a fresh minted Maple Leaf or Krugerrand for example shows slightest marks. This usually happens when the coin falls into a collection box during the minting process.

Due to the manufacturing process it may happen that there are one or two tiny marks on the coin
as well but this will never cause any negative effect on the value of the coin. It's simply part of the production process.

If you wish to have a spotless coin you need to buy a "Proof" coin.

In terms of output, a proof is the absolute highest quality coin a mint can produce. It’s important to realize that proof coins are not meant for general use or public circulation. They’re meant for coin collectors or numismatists. Because they’re uncirculated and designed that way, these coins by their very nature shouldn’t show signs of wear.

Do any certificates come with the purchases to validate the stock?

Investment gold generally is not sold with certificates. The investor knows about the purity and the dealer tests the purity before selling to the customer.

There are three exceptions: The Perth Mint bars, the Heraeus gold bars and thr 100 Euro German gold coins are sold with certificates.

Please keep in mind that a certificate is a piece of paper - what really counts is the quality of the physical metal you buy.

Is it possible for me to buy direct from your shop?

We don't run physical shops as we are operating on a lowest price policy. It is possible to pick-up your order from the vault. Please indicate so when ordering goods online and we will have your package ready for pick up.

Gold will be ready for pick up in Germany and

Silver will be ready for pick up in Estonia.

Why are the displayed prices different from the prices when I have put products in my shopping cart?

We offer in general lowest prices but in addition we offer even lower prices for investors that wish to purchase in higher quantities.

The shop displays the lowest possible price for the highest quantity. If you wish to see the tier-pricing on all quantities then go to the product page of each product.

The Gold Shopping Guide

... the ultimate shopping guide to gold and silver

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Can I buy Silver Bars (500 grams to 5 kilos)?

Yes, in general silver bars are available in these sizes. CelticGold does not offer them as bars for the direct physical ownership are subject to VAT in all EU countries.

Whereas Legal Tender Silver Coins are VAT-Free in Estonia. As an investor you are interested on small buy and sell spreads and therefore we don't offer silver bars as the difference between buy and sell can easily go up to 30%.

This means a silver bar needs to appreciate 30% in price before you break even on your investment.

Why are prices so low?

CelticGold operates the gold business on tiny margins as we like to open the possibility for everyone to buy gold coins and gold bullion at lowest prices. In addition we sell a lot and have best buying prices in the precious metal market.