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CelticGold AG founded in 2001 and based in Germany specialises in the trading of only highest quality investment grade gold & silver coins and gold bullion at best price. We offer one of the largest portfolios of investment gold & silver coins and bullion worldwide & guaranty to sell silver at Europe's lowest price from Estonia the last tax free haven in the EU.

In addition CelticGold provides first-class investor education for you to become a gold insider – Free of charge. Subscribe now to the Gold Bulletin in the box on the left side to receive a free report and the Gold Bulletin with special offers and useful information about gold and silver. Or browse through the Gold University.

CelticGold is based south of Frankfurt in Darmstadt, Germany and from secure vaults CelticGold provides buying and selling services for over 90 countries worldwide. The logistics is operated only through high security vaults in Germany and Estonia - we never have any precious metals at our offices.

The CelticGold offices:

CelticGold Office Darmstadt CelticGold Office Tallinn
Darmstadt, Germany, in Bad Nauheimer Str. 4 next to the world famous "Hundertwasser" House as shown above.
Tallinn, Estonia, Metro Plaza in Viru väljak 2 next to the Old Town and Hotel Viru where the KGB museum is located.

CelticGold was founded on August 1st 2001 under the name of pro/cent. The company symbol AG means Aktiengesellschaft and is the highest form of enterprise translated into public limited company or incorporation. Owner, founder and CEO Kraemer has changed the name into CelticGold effective from January 2013. He's got a great love for Ireland and admiration of the Celts.

CEO Stefan Kraemer has a background and direct experience of over 17 years in the financial industry and vast expertise in the field of trading precious metals.

Mr. Kraemer’s companies sold and delivered successfully tens of thousands of Gold and Silver Ounces in the last years to customers from all over the world.

Kraemer says: “We provide a down to earth, easy, no fuss, hassle-free service. There is no pressure to buy now or ever. But in a world of collapsing economies and financial crisis buying some gold may prove to be the greatest move you ever make. Many gold experts, both here and in America are predicting a stratospheric rise in the precious metals in the next few years. Clients that purchased gold just four years ago are already sitting on a 100% profit. Jim Sinclair, the world’s most famous gold expert is predicting that gold will reach $5,000/oz in the next few years.”

Read how our customers experienced CelticGold in the Guaranteed Real Customer Feedbacks.

CelticGold AG corporate details:


CelticGold AG*

CelticGold AG Eesti Filiaal

Date of Establishment:



Form of Enterprise:



Corporate Registry:

HRB 9192, Darmstadt

12433900, Tallinn




Corporate Address:

Bad Nauheimer Str. 4, 64289 Darmstadt, Germany

Viru Väljak 2, Metro Plaza, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia

CELTICGOLD provides: 

  • 24h live priced buying and selling services for gold and silver bullion and coins
  • Best rates and a large range of silver and gold bars and coins
  • Real Time stock availability - see Portfolio
  • Discreet and secured worldwide delivery
  • Short or long term storage facilities with partner companies under your name in different countries
  • Education Free of charge for you to become a gold insider plus the twice monthly published Gold Bulletin


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