Dragon and Phoenix

The Dragon and Phoenix gold coin is a brand new release from the Perth Mint. The coin is struck from 1 oz of 99.99% pure gold and celebrates the rich symbolism in Chinese culture. The coin comes in brilliant uncirculated condition and will have a limited mintage of just 5,000 coins worldwide for 2018.

The coin follows the very successful 2017 Dragon and Phoenix 1 oz silver coin, which sold out. There is also a 2 oz Dragon and Phoenix gold coin that was issued in 2017 in high relief proof. Only 500 of these coins were minted.  

We will highlight both the 1 oz Dragon and Phoenix gold coin (2018) and the 2 oz Dragon and Phoenix gold coin high relief proof edition (2017).

1 oz Dragon and Phoenix Gold Coin (2018)

The motif side of the Dragon and Phoenix gold coin depicts a detailed representation of a dragon, phoenix and a flaming pearl, which is in the center of the coin. In the background are images of clouds. To the right of the motif is the letter “P”, which stands for the Perth Mint. The edge bar is reeded and slightly raised, which protects the coins surface.   

The value side depicts a right side profile of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II with diadem. The depiction of the Queen is from a 1998 design by artist Ian Rank-Broadley. The inscriptions around the outer edge read; the name of the regent “Elizabeth II”, the country of origin “Australia” the nominal value of “100 Dollars” and the weight and gold purity “1oz 9999 Gold”.  

Dragon in Chinese Culture

Chinese Dragons are legendary in Chinese mythology. They are said to have control over rainfall, water, floods and typhoons. The dragon is also a symbol of power, good luck and strength for people that are worthy of it. Outstanding and excellent people are often compared to the dragon in Chinese culture. During Imperial China, the dragon was used as a symbol of power and strength by the Emperor of China.

Phoenix in Chinese Culture

The Phoenix, called Fenghuang in Chinese mythology, have reign over all other birds in the land. Originally the males were called Fang and the females were referred to as Huang. However, the gender references are no longer made because the phoenix is typically paired with the dragon, who is traditionally regarded as male.

The phoenix can also be found as ornaments in weddings along with dragons. This is because in Chinese culture the dragon and phoenix, paired together symbolize joyful relations between a husband and wife.

The Flaming Pearl in Chinese Culture

The flaming pearl is viewed as a symbol for wisdom, enlightenment and spiritual essence. It is said to bring a person good health, career success and good fortune. In addition, the flaming pearl will rid a person of their worries and problems. Dragons are often shown in pursuit of the flaming pearl, and is depicted through spiraling smoke, shadows and mist.  

Product Specifications

Fine Weight: 1 troy ounce

Gross Weight: 31.107 g

Diameter: 32.60 mm

Thickness:  2.80 mm

Purity: .9999

Nominal Value: 100 Dollars

2 oz Dragon and Phoenix Gold Coin (2017 High Relief Proof Edition)

The 2 oz Dragon and Phoenix gold coin proof edition for 2017 was issued as legal tender under the Australian Currency Act of 1965. The Perth Mint only produced 500 of these coins.

The motif side of the coin features a detailed image of a dragon, phoenix and a

flaming pearl in the center. In the background are clouds, which are pictured against a smooth finished surface. To the right of the motif is the mint mark “P”, which stands for the Perth Mint.

The Value side of the coin depicts her majesty Queen Elizabeth II with a crown on her head. The right side profile of the queen was designed by artist Ian Rank-Broadley. His initials appear below the motif. Around the outer edge are the inscriptions; “Elizabeth II” “Australia” “200 Dollars” “2017” and “1oz 9999 Gold”

The coin edge bar is reeded and rises slightly above the surface to protect the motif.

The high relief design highlights the level of detail that can be seen on the coin.

In addition, theses coins are minted on concave surfaces to make sure the ideal flow of metal is achieved by the strike of the die.  

Product Details

Fine weight: 2 troy ounces

Gross Weight: 62.215 g

Diameter: 36.60 mm

Thickness: 6.0 mm

Purity: 99.99%

Nominal Value: 200 Dollars

Key Benefits

  • Perth Mint gold coins are one of the highest quality gold bullion coins on the market today.

  • Contains a high fineness of .9999 pure gold.

  • The limintage mintage gives these coins collector value.

  • Has a detailed and unique design that celebrates Chinese mythology and culture.

The Dragon and Phoenix gold coin should be kept in its protective packaging to preserve the coins value.

Gold Market

Gold investors and collectors should familiarize themselves with the elements that affect the gold price. Some of these include; supply and demand, geo-political events and global economic risk. Throughout history, gold has acted as an effective hedge against economic uncertainty.

Limited Edition and Semi-Numismatic Coins

The price of gold coins is made up up the gold price (also referred to as the spot price) and the premium. The premium is the sum of the cost and margin of the mint and precious metals dealer.

Limited edition and semi-numismatic coins often carry a higher premium. There are several reasons for this which include:

  • Coins with a limited mintage are often in high demand. This will result in higher premiums.

  • Coins that are mint state, or high relief proof, like the Dragon and Phoenix 2 oz gold coin, will carry a higher premium because of the specialized minting process.

  • Coins with historical significance can also carry higher premiums.

Perth Mint History

Construction on the Perth Mint began in 1896 and the mint opened in 1899. At the time it was the third colonial branch of Britain’s Royal Mint. The other two branches were the Sydney Mint and the Melbourne Mint, both of which are no longer operating.

Sir John Forrest was the visionary leader who convinced the Royal Mint to open a branch in Perth. He foresaw the impact gold would have the economy of Western Australia. His vision proved true as diggers from all over the world descended on Perth to have their gold refined and turned into coins.

However, the main focus of the Perth Mint was to mint gold sovereigns for the British empire. From its opening in 1899 to 1931 the mint produced millions of gold sovereigns and half- sovereigns that were used as circulation coins throughout the British territories.

In 1931, Britain went of of the gold standard and the mints direction shifted to making fine gold bars as well as producing circulation coins for Australia. From 1940 to 1964 the mint coined hundreds of millions of half pennies and pennies using mostly copper. When Australia introduced a decimal currency in 1966 the mint went on to produce 829 million 2 cent coins and 26 million 1 cent coins by 1973.

Gold Corporation

The mint gained independence from the Royal Mint in 1970, when ownership was transferred to the Government of Western Australia. And in 1987, by state act of parliament, the Gold Corporation was created to officially market Australian gold, silver and platinum bullion products to investors all over the world.

This new direction established the mint as a global player in the bullion coin market.

At a ceremony in Sydney in April of 1987, the Prime Minister of Australia helped to introduce the Australian Nugget Gold coin. The Nugget would go on to become the mints signature gold coin and one of the best selling in the world. In 1989, the Nugget was renamed the “Kangaroo”, which was thought to be a more appropriate symbol for Australia.

Bullion Coins of the Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is one of the most respected mints in the world. Below is a list of some of their most popular bullions coins.

  • Kangaroo Gold and Silver Coin

  • Lunar I and II Gold and Silver Coin

  • Kookaburra Silver Coin

  • Koala Silver Coin

  • Platypus Platinum Coin


In Germany, investment gold coins are exempt from VAT regulated in § 25c UStG. The following four criteria make the Dragon and Phoenix gold coin investment gold.

  1. The gold coin must have been stamped after 1800.

  2. It must be or have been an official means of payment in the country of production.

  3. It must have a fine gold content of at least 900/1000.

  4. The gold coin may not exceed the open market value by more than 80%


Manufacturer: Perth Mint
Country of origin: Australia
Fineness: 99.99%
Alloy: Gold
Size 1:  1 oz Dragon and Phoenix gold coin 2018
Size 2:  2 oz Dragon and Phoenix gold coin 2017
Scratch resistance: Poor

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