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Texas and The Physical Gold Trend

Jun 19, 2015

One of the biggest stories that will dominate the Gold market in the coming years is that there is not...

IMF urge FED to hold off Rate hike - Fragile Recovery

Jun 12, 2015

Almost every day the mainstream financial media runs stories on the strength of the US recovery....

$25,000 Gold? or How About $64,000 Gold?

Jun 9, 2015

Wild claims about the potential explosion of the Gold price typically only comes from the alternative...

CelticGold Market Report 7th June 2015

Jun 6, 2015

The Gold price was lower on Friday, marking its third consecutive week with declining prices. It is a bit...

Liquidity Risks Growing

Jun 2, 2015

Those of you who follow the financial markets and read articles on the CelticGold website know that every...


May 29, 2015

The gold and silver price comparison website offers a broad overview of bullion...

A World With Too Much Debt

May 28, 2015

Every few months there is a prominent figure in the business or political community who comes out and...

Gold and the Chinese Currency

May 26, 2015

Over the last couple of months it has been reported that the Chinese have been interested in adding the...

CelticGold Market Report 24th May 2015

May 23, 2015

Gold ended on a down note Friday, but was able to post a weekly close above the $1,200 level to...

5 Banks Plead Guilty to Market Rigging

May 21, 2015

According to a story in Bloomberg on Wednesday, Citicorp, JPMorgan Chase and Company, Barclays Plc...

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