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Market Volatility is Here to Stay

Oct 21, 2014

The unintended consequences of years of Central Bank money printing is starting to manifest itself in the...

Gold and Deflation

Oct 19, 2014

Global stock and currency markets have experienced wild swings as of late due to concerns over the...

The One Chart That Says it All

Oct 15, 2014

Sometimes one of the best ways to understand what is happening in certain markets is to look at a chart...

Could Germany Derail Draghi Policies?

Oct 13, 2014

The German economy has long stood out as the pillar of strength in the 18 nation union that comprises...

IMF Cut’s Global Growth Forecast

Oct 8, 2014

The International Monetary Fund cut it’s global growth forecast for the third time this year, according to an...

The Future of Gold

Oct 6, 2014

Over the weekend Gold traded just above the 2013 double bottom of $1180 and has started the week with...

Volatility Hits Currency Markets

Oct 5, 2014

The downdraft in the commodity sector is starting to hit the emerging market currencies. According to a...

Opportunity in Silver Market?

Oct 1, 2014

Silver, Gold and many commodities have continued to come user pressure this week. According to a blog...

Blowing the Whistle on Goldman Sachs

Oct 1, 2014

In an article recently written by Jake Bernstein that appeared on a former New York...

CelticGold Gold and Silver Market Report 29th September 2014

Sep 29, 2014

This week we are combining the Gold and Silver market updates into one report. Gold closed on Friday at...

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