CelticGold Market Reports

CelticGold Market Report 18th August 2014

Aug 17, 2014 celticgold.eu

Gold ended the week holding steady just above $1300 to close at $1304. The month of August is usually a slow period for Gold with light trading volume. So it...

CelticGold Market Report 2nd August 2014

Aug 2, 2014 celticgold.eu

Gold closed the week at about $1294 rebounding a bit on Friday after getting caught up in the global equity sell off on Thursday. The economies in both...

CelticGold Market Report 20th July 2014

Jul 20, 2014 celticgold.eu

Gold closed on Friday at about $1310 capping off one of the wildest weeks the yellow metal has had in a while. Over the last four weeks Gold has risen from the...

CelticGold Market Report 7th July 2014

Jul 6, 2014 celticgold.eu

Gold finished the week at about $1321. The big news over the past couple of weeks for Gold has been it’s ability to hold it’s gains while also staging a bit of a

CelticGold Gold & Silver Market Report 22nd June 2014

Jun 22, 2014 celticgold.eu

Thursday was a day that Gold investors have been waiting a long time for as Gold broke through both the 100 day and 200 day moving averages. Gold surged...

CelticGold Gold & Silver Market Report 8th June 2014

Jun 8, 2014 celticgold.eu

Since our last update Gold fell through the $1268 support level and as of Friday stands at about $1252. June and July tend to be historically weak months for the ...

CelticGold Gold & Silver Market Report 25th May 2014

May 25, 2014 celticgold.eu

Not much has changed in the technical picture for Gold since our last update two weeks ago. The battle at $1300 continues and again Gold is holding strong at ...

CelticGold Market Report 11th May 2014

May 11, 2014 celticgold.eu

Gold has essentially been trading in a tight range over the last several weeks unable to break out. This week Gold again dipped below $1300 and closed on ...

CelticGold Gold & Silver Market Report 27th April 2014

Apr 27, 2014 celticgold.eu

Gold finished the week on a positive note rallying above $1300 to close at about $1302 on Friday. The rally occurred off of the news of increased violence in 

CelticGold Market Report 31st March 2014

Mar 30, 2014 celticgold.eu

Gold has had a rough two weeks dropping almost $100 since our last update. The safe haven trade as a result of the crisis in Ukraine came and went. At this ...

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