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The Angry Lady – How politician scare tactics work

Feb 24, 2013

While driving through Ireland I listened to a local radio station. There was an interview going on between the radio host and a female politician. The politician lady was very angry about the drinking behaviour of the Irish.

What’s next?

Feb 24, 2013

On this journey from paper-currency to the real deal – gold and silver … one has to remove veils upon veils of illusions to come to the core and truth about money.

Natural Money

Feb 24, 2013

This article is in the story section of this newsletter on purpose as I’m not a scientist or professional historian. Writing about the subject ‘Natural Money’ is based on observations that come from literally thousands of hours of research...

Follow up on ‘Massive Perception Change in Gold coming’ from 15th October 2011

Feb 24, 2013

In the 15th October 2011 newsletter we talked about three movements that are underway to drive the gold price higher and bring out the truth to people:

Movement 1: Media Reports
Movement 2: Politicians asking the right questions

Gold Carry Trade – How Central Banks sold peoples wealth always at lowest prices

Feb 23, 2013

This week’s headline indicates two subjects in itself, but they are linked
with each other.

First I’d like to explain the Gold-Carry-Trade what it means and how it works and then flow over to the subject of how Central Banks sold our wealth always at lowest price.

Gold ban – What happened 1934 in the US, what’s in discussion now and what to do.

Feb 23, 2013

Oh, well a friend forwarded an article about the gold ban in Austria and that banks restrict purchases of precious metals above 15,000 EUR. This article was provided by .

As it turned out this was false information as people in the internet discussed on how to buy gold anonymous. In addition if you buy in Austria you don’t have to show an ID for purchases up to 15,000 EUR. The Gold Ban issue is off the table – thank goodness.

Investing in Precious Metals: Jewellery – Pros and Cons.

Feb 23, 2013

any thanks to a dear customer who asked if we could address this subject, this is very interesting.The BBC back in June published an article about gold vending machines. Our customer summarized the BBC article in that way: The BBC guy was stopping and asking people in the street what they thought of those gold machines...

What happened to the Irish Gold?

Feb 23, 2013

We did a series of gold talks in Ireland earlier this year and one of the guests asked: ‘What happened to the Irish central bank gold?’

Article Discussion Truth about gold

Feb 23, 2013

There is lots of info out there, some accurate, some not. The interested investor may read something not entirely accurate about gold and then investing into something unsafe...

Gold and silver ETF’s support price suppression

Feb 23, 2013

We have always advised against buying silver and/or gold ETF’s. An ETF is an exchange traded fund that you trade through a brokerage account. These ETF’s buy and hold physical gold and silver – so the says the prospect. But the ETF’s do not allow you to take physical possession of your metal.

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