Wildlife Series Silver Coins

These stunning Wildlife Series silver coins are an absolute treasure for anyone who loves the great outdoors and animals.  Coming in three options, Canadian Cougar, Polar Bear and Canadian Antelope these coins are not only great investment vehicles, but they make great gifts as well. Featuring issue dates of 2012, 2013 and 2013 respectively, these coins are made of 999.9/1000 silver and were produced by the Royal Canadian Mint.  

Introduced in 2011 and using modern technology in their production, these coins are particularly detailed, with every muscle of the wild animals visible to the naked eye. The polar bear design is exceptionally detailed showing the coat of the bear in immense detail. It is this detail has made these coins particularly popular with wildlife lovers and investors alike.

Why buy Wildlife Series silver coins?

These Wildlife Series silver coins aren’t only a pleasure to the eye and a celebration of what technology can add to an age-old production process, they are also a great investment vehicle. No matter what the economic climate, over the centuries silver has been used by smart investors to secure a meaningful return on investment while protecting them from the ups and downs of interest rates, stocks and shares and currencies. These Wildlife Series silver coins are a great way to get access to all of these benefits today at the same time as taking ownership of an asset that you can hold, touch and enjoy.  

What exactly is a Wildlife Series silver coin? 

Wildlife Series silver coins, created by the Royal Canadian Mint are round, silver and a really popular investment choice. First circulated in 2011, they feature the wild animals listed above on one side and a particularly attractive portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the other, which was created in 2003 by Canadian portrait artist Susanna Blunt.

How big are they?  

These coins are available for you to buy in 1 and 1½ oz sizes; clearly the 1.5oz coin is bigger than the 1oz coin, both in diameter and thickness.

Who produces these coins?  

The producer of these Wildlife Series silver coins is the Canadian Royal Mint.  The mint has produced over 52 billion coins for dozens of countries over the years and has bases in Ottawa, Winnipeg and Vancouver and is recognized as one of the finest mints in the world.

What is their legal status? 

The 1oz Wildlife Series silver coin has a legal face value of 5 Canadian Dollars and the 1.5 oz version 8 Canadian Dollars. What this means is that they can theoretically be used as payment for goods and services in Canada.  That said, these coins are produced for investment purposes and their true value is made up of the value of the silver used in their production, the demand for this particular style of coin and of course the face value.

How pure are Wildlife Series silver coins?  

These Wildlife Series silver coins are made from what is arguably the world’s purest silver. Graded as 999.9/1000, silver coins don’t come much purer than this!

How much do they cost? 

The price of these coins is set just above the spot value of silver, which means that you are able to buy these attractive investments at only a small margin above raw silver. This means that you have an even better chance of making a great return on your investment.

Where should I buy? 

CelticGold is the perfect place to buy your Wildlife Series silver coins because we negotiate great prices from our suppliers, allowing us to offer you these coins at a really attractive price. Add to this, our knowledge and experience and you start to see that this really is the perfect place to build up your precious metal investment portfolio.

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