Birds of Prey Silver Coins

The Canadian Birds of Prey silver coins were issued by the Royal Canadian Mint in the years 2014 and 2015. Two different birds were issued per year, meaning there is a total of four birds depicted. The Birds of Prey series is the successor to the Canadian Wildlife series, which was last minted in 2013. The series was intended to appeal to both investors and collectors.


Fine Weight and Fineness

Birds of Prey Silver coinsWith a fineness of 999.9/1000, the Birds of Prey coin series have the highest purity possible for silver coins. Because of the high level of purity these coins can scratch easily and should be treated with care. The fine weight is 1oz representing 31.103 grams of silver. The diameter is 39 mm, with a thickness of 3.20 mm. The silver coins are legal tender in Canada with a nominal value of 5 Canadian Dollars. Of course the metal value is much higher than the legal tender value.



All four designs have been created by the artist Emily S. Damstra. Her initials "ED" can be seen on the front of each coin. Equipped with an edge bar and a rippled edge, the Birds of Prey series unites every feature of modern beautiful investment coins. One bird of prey can be seen on the front of each coin. The label indicates the country of manufacture "Canada" the fineness "9999", fine weight "Fine Silver 1oz Argent Pur" and the initials "ED". 

The reverse side has a motif depicting Queen Elizabeth II. The label shows the name of the regent "Elizabeth II", mintage, denomination "$ 5" and the text "D G Regina".


Year 2014 

Peregrine Falcon Silver coinPeregrine Falcon Silver

The 2014 first edition of the Canadian Birds of Prey show the Peregrine Falcon. The front of the coin depicts the Falcon with outstretched wings and open claws in full flight. Interestingly enough one of the Falcon’s wings is trimmed by the edge bar, which is rather unusual for motifs on investment coins.



Bald Eagle Silver

The second motive of the year 2014 edition shows a flying bald eagle holding a fish in its claws. In this issue, the motif on the front is shown completely without being cut off by the edge rod. As with all designs of the Birds of Prey series, the initials of Emily S. Damstra are also imprinted on the front.


Year 2015 

Red tailed hawk silver coinRed-Tailed Hawk Silver

The first motif of the year 2015 is the red-tailed hawk. The view of the motif is absolutely extraordinary, since the subject is not arranged centrally, but offset. It shows a red-tailed hawk with outstretched wings in flight.



Great Horned Owl great horned owl silver coinSilver

The Great Horned Owl silver coin was the last edition of the Canadian Birds of Prey in 2015. It shows the owl landing with outstretched wings and open claws. The artist Emily S. Damstra has chosen an illustration, in which the wings of the great horned owl are only partially shown.



The Canadian Birds of Prey silver coins series was intended to issue two coins annually for two years. Years of mintage were 2014 and 2015. The series highlights typical Canadian birds of prey in flight without a background.

The predecessors to the "Canadian Birds of Prey" silver coins were the "Canadian Wildlife Series", which was published in the years 2011, 2012 and, 2013. The motives in 2011 were a Wolf and Grizzly, in 2012 a Puma and Elk and in 2013 a Pronghorn and Bison.

1 million pieces of the Canadian Birds of Prey in silver were minted in uncirculated brilliant condition. In addition there was a small issue in proof quality.


Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint is one of the most famous and renowned mints of the world. Founded in 1908 and based in Ottawa / Canada the mint manufactures over 70 foreign currencies and has mainly gold and silver coins in its portfolio. The mint’s main products are the Canadian Dollar and Maple Leaf silver and Maple Leaf gold coins.


Canadian Birds of Prey Silver Coins Value

birds of prey canada silver coinThe price of silver coins is mainly determined by the current price of silver. Silver is freely traded on the exchanges of the world, meaning the price fluctuates daily. Next to the silver price, the VAT and premium result in the final buying price of silver coins.

Investors in Europe should check their local VAT rates on silver coins to determine the final price. It may make sense to buy silver coins in one of the low tax countries within the EU. Silver coins can ship freely within the European Union. Therefore, it is possible to save around 1 to 5 Euros per 1oz coin by purchasing through a low VAT country.

CelticGold offers the Birds of Prey silver coins VAT-free through our Estonian branch. To learn more about purchasing VAT free Silver in our Estonian branch please see the link below. VAT free Silver



  • Country of origin: Canada
  • Manufacturer: Royal Canadian Mint
  • Fineness: 999.9/1000
  • Fine weight: 31.103 g
  • Scratch resistance: Poor
  • Denomination: 1 CAD
  • Coin edge: Serrated
  • Scene Avers: Birds of Prey
  • Scene lapel: Queen Elizabeth II
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