Australian Swan

Introduced in 2017 for the first time by the renown Perth Mint, the Australian Gold Swan is struck from .9999 pure gold. The coin has an annual mintage of just 5,000 pieces worldwide.

The Australian Swan gold coin has been an instant hit with both investors and collectors. This is yet another brilliantly designed coin from the Perth Mint.

New Series from the Perth Mint

The Australian Swan is a new coin program from the Perth Mint. The Mint is expected to make this an annual limited edition coin series. The Australian Gold Swan has an annual mintage of just 5,000 coins worldwide.

The coin is also available in Silver with a limited annual mintage of 25,000 pieces.

The Australian Swan Gold Coin comes in the traditional 1 oz size and features annual design changes. However, each edition will always depict an image of the majestic Australian Swan.

Australian Swan Gold 2017 Edition

The design for the inaugural 2017 edition features an Australian Swan swimming on the water with her wings stretched out. Inscripted around the outer edge of the coin are the words “THE 1OZ 9999 AUSTRALIAN SWAN GOLD” The letter “P” is embossed to the right of the motif and stands for the Perth Mint. The coin has a smooth raised edge bar that protects the motif.

The Value side of the coin depicts a right side portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with diadem. Below the motif are the letters “IRB”, which stand for artist Ian Rank-Broadley. The engravings around the outer edge read “ELIZABETH II” “AUSTRALIA” “2017” and “100 DOLLARS”   

The key specifications for the 1 oz Gold Swan 2017 are listed below.

Weight: 1 troy ounce

Diameter: 32.6 mm

Thickness: 2.80 mm

Nominal Value: 100 Dollars

Australian Swan Gold 2018 Edition

The motif side of the 2018 Australian Gold Swan predominately depicts a Swan gracefully swimming with her cygnet. Inscripted along the outer edge of the coin are the words “THE 1OZ 9999 AUSTRALIAN SWAN GOLD”. To the left of the motif is the letter “P”, which stands for the Perth Mint.

The value side of the coin shows the iconic image of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Below the motif are the initials of coin designer, Ian Rank-Broadley. Around the outer edge is the name of the regent, “ElIZABETH II”, country of origin “AUSTRALIA”,  the year of issue “2018” and the nominal value of “100 DOLLARS”. The edge bar has a smooth finish and is slightly raised to protect the coin image.

The key specifications for the 1 oz Gold Swan 2018 are listed below.

Weight: 1 troy ounce

Diameter: 32.6 mm

Thickness: 2.80 mm

Nominal Value: 100 Dollars


  • Limited mintage of 5,000 coins for each edition

  • High fineness of 99.99% gold

  • Produced by the Perth Mint

  • Has a high collectable value

  • Each year features a new swan design

Please note that the Australian Gold Swan is pure 24 carat gold and can be susceptible to surface scratches. It is recommended to keep the coin in its protective packaging.

Australian Themed Coins

The Perth Mint highlights the distinctive natural landscape of Australia in its coin designs, which is one of the reasons they are so popular. More than 80% of Australia’s plants, animals, reptiles and frogs are native to the land.

The country has more than 378 mammal species, 828 bird species, 4,000 fish species, 300 lizard species, 140 snake species, 2 crocodile species, and more than 50 marine mammal species.  

The Australian Swan is the latest Australian bird species to be used in a coin design.

Swans often symbolize grace and beauty and are associated with love, poetry and music. Swans are one of the few creatures that have only one partner for their entire life.

Perth Mint History

The Perth Mint has a rich and storied history that dates back to the late 1800’s. Sir John Forrest, who was the first premier of Western Australia, saw the opportunity for the Western Australia economy and lobbied the British Government to create a branch of the Royal Mint in Perth.

Designed by George Temple Poole, the foundation for the mint was poured in 1896 by Sir John Forrest and the mint opened in 1899. It was originally one of three colonial branches of the Royal Mint in London. The other two were the Sydney Mint and the Melbourne Mint which have since closed.

At the time, gold diggers from all over the world came to Western Australia to deposit their raw gold where it was refined and minted into gold coins.

The main purpose of the mint was to produce Sovereign Gold coins for the British empire. Between 1899-1931 the Perth Mint Produced more than 106 million Gold Sovereigns and nearly 735,000 half Sovereigns for Britain. The mint stopped making the Gold Sovereign in 1931 when Britain abandoned the gold standard.

After 1931 the mint still remained active, producing coins and bullion products. The refinery began making gold bullion bars and between 1940-1964 the mint created hundreds of millions half-pennies and pennies for Australia. The mint also produced 1.3 million Shillings during this time period as well.

In 1970 the Perth Mint broke away from Britain and became wholly owned by the government of Western Australia. Through the creation of the Gold Corporation, by act of parliament in 1987, the mint began to market its bullion products worldwide.

This was an important development for the mint as it created a global market for Australian gold bullion products. The Australian Gold Nugget (now the Kangaroo) was the first bullion coin to be launched under the mints new direction.

The Nuggets first day sales yielded 155,000 ounces, which was valued at 103 million dollars. In 1989, the design of the Nugget was changed to feature Kangaroo’s. The Kangaroo was thought to be a more recognizable symbol for Australia.

As of the year 2000, the mints refined gold output totaled 4500 tonnes, representing 3.25% of the total gold weight produced. To put this in perspective, this is approximately the amount of gold held by the US Treasury at the Fort Knox Depository.

In 2003, the mint opened a 8,300 square meter state of the art facility next to its original building and has become one of the most important mints in the world

In 2011, the mint produced the largest and most valuable gold coin, breaking the record of the Canadian Royal Mint. The coin is made of 1,012 kilograms of pure 99.99% gold and has a face value of 1 million Australian Dollars. At the time of production the overall value of the coin was 53.5 million dollars.

Perth Mint Coins

Today the Perth Mint is one of the most successful and respected mints in the world. It has a large selection of gold, silver and platinum bullion coins for global investors and collectors. Perth Mint coins are some of the highest quality bullion coins on the market today. Its signature gold coin series is the Australian Gold Kangaroo which it has produced since 1986. The most popular products in the Perth Mint portfolio include:


The price of the Australian Swan gold coin is made up of the gold price (often referred to as the spot price) and the premium. The gold price changes minute to minute on the stock exchanges of the world due to many factors that include supply and demand, geo-politics and central bank policy. Gold buyers should become familiar with these price factors before purchasing gold.

The Premium includes the cost and margin of the mint and precious metals dealer. The Australian Gold Swan will have a higher premium due to its limited annual mintage and its collectable value.

The 1 oz Gold Swan is also appropriate for investors who are seeking a high quality bullion coin with global appeal. Perth Mint bullion coins are almost always easy to buy and sell globally.


In Germany, investment gold coins are exempt from VAT regulated in § 25c UStG. The following criteria make the Gold Swan investment gold.

  • The gold coin must have been stamped after 1800.

  • It must be or have been an official means of payment in the country of production.

  • It must have a fine gold content of at least 900/1000.

  • The gold coin may not exceed the open market value by more than 80%


Manufacturer: Perth Mint
Country of origin: Australia
Carat: 24K
Gold: 99.99%
Fineness: 999.9/1000
Alloy: Gold
Scratch resistance: Poor


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