Australian Kangaroo

The Australian Kangaroo bullion coin (Australian Kangaroo / Nugget) was introduced in 1986. The Kangaroo is a 24 karat gold coin, with a fineness of 999.9/1000. Issued by the Perth Mint, the Kangaroo gold coin is internationally one of the most popular investment gold coins.


Weight & Size

With a fineness of 999.9/1000 the Kangaroo is a 24 K fine gold coin. Coins with this fine weight are also referred to as "four nine fine". 100% gold content in a coin is technically impossible.


Ounces Nominal Value Fineweight Diameter Thickness
1 Unze 100 AUD 31.10 g 31.20 mm 2.65 mm
1/2 Unze 50 AUD 15.55 g 25.10 mm 2.20 mm
1/4 Unze 25 AUD 7.78 g 20.10 mm 1.80 mm
1/10 Unze 15 AUD 3.11 g 16.10 mm 1.30 mm
1/20 Unze 5 AUD 1.55 g 14.10 mm 1.40 mm
0.5 Gramm 2 AUD 0.5 g 11.60 mm 0.70 mm



The story of the Nugget/Kangaroo bullion coin begins with the ban on imports of Krugerrands, which was imposed by the US and the European Community in 1986. In the same year the "Australian Nugget" was born and four years later the coin series was renamed the "Australian Nugget / Kangaroo".


Australian Nugget 1986

The new coin series of the Perth Mint had the subject of the Australian gold rush. The first four editions showed the four famous "Australian Nuggets" that were assigned to each one ounce coin.  

The first edition in 1986 was released only as a proof coin (Proof). In this manufacturing method polished gold blanks are used. The blank is repeatedly minted using specially polished dies. Thus the surface is reflective and the relief shows matt. Only the coins of proof quality (polished plate) have the "P" imprinted as Mintmark.  

Most of the coins in the Nugget / Kangaroo series are 24 k gold investor coins. Proof Quality coins are produced in limited quantities and often carry a higher premium. A “p” mark is not as usual for the Mint (Perth Mint), but for "proof".


First Nugget Edition 1986 


1 ounce Nugget

The 1 oz depicts the gold Nugget "Welcome Stranger", one of the largest gold nuggets ever discovered. “Welcome stranger” was found by John Deason and Richard Oates in the roots of a tree in 1869. The weight of this nugget was about 72 kg. Interestingly, it was in the shape of the Australian continent.


 ½ oz Nugget

On September 26, 1980, the famous Nugget "Hand of Faith" was found by Kevin Hillier using a metal detector. This nugget has a weight of 27.21 kg and was sold to the Golden Nugget Casino and where it is still on display.


¼ oz Nugget

On the ¼ ounce coin an image of the Nugget "Golden Eagle" is shown. The 35.5 kg heavy Nugget was discovered in January, 1931 by the 16th-year old Jim Lacombe. The nugget was found on the claim of his father, near Larkinville / Australia.


1/10 oz Nugget

The smallest version of the edition, the nugget "Little Hero" can be seen. It was discovered in 1890 in the Coongan River, with a weight of 10.5 kg.



Nugget Edition 1987

The 1987 edition was minted in investment quality and proof. The investment quality gold coins took their designs from 1986 edition. The Proof variant received new designs which are listed below.


The four new “Famous Nuggets” for proof quality were:

  • 1 oz Poseidon
  • ½ oz Bobby Dazzler
  • ¼ oz Father's Day
  • 1/10 oz Golden Aussie



Nugget Edition 1988

The 1988 edition also had new designs for the proof quality. The “simple” investor bullion coins again had the same design as the 1986 edition.


Famous Nuggets for proof quality

  • 1 oz Pride of Australia
  • ½ oz Welcome
  • ¼ oz Ruby Well
  • 1/10 oz Jubilee



Nugget 1989 edition

The 1989 proof edition had no new designs. The investment version had the designs of 1986.



Birth of the Nugget / Kangaroo

Since the Nugget series did not bring the desired results, the motive was changed. In 1990, the new series was given the kangaroo as a motive. However, it was decided to continue to include the name Nugget on the new version. The new series was renamed the "Australian Kangaroo / Nuggets".  

The design and name change with the kangaroo motiv turned out to be correct, because the sales figures and demand soared. From 2008 on the series was renamed "Australian Kangaroo", to highlight the unique selling proposition "Kangaroo".



Appearance of Australia kangaroo gold coin

Since 1990, the motive on the gold coins is a kangaroo. The theme changes annually, and there are three special features. The gold coins is investment quality (Bullion) always have the last year's theme of proof quality (polished plate). The Proof gold coins have a "P" as Mintmark.; and the letters on the obverse have changed from 2008 onwards.


Inscription to 2007



Inscription from 2008



The Australian Kangaroo coin series has a rippled edge and an edge rod. The main function of the rippled edge is to prevent tampering, but also it improves the feel. The edge rod gives the coin stability, and also makes stackability possible. The rippled edge and the edge rod  also add to a beautiful appearance.



The design of the front is always a kangaroo. Above the motice the name of the series is stated. Below are the name, the date of minting, the fine weight in ounces and the fineness.



The motive on the back displays the current ruler of the United Kingdom (common for all the countries of the British Commonwealth). As a result Queen Elizabeth II is predominantly depicted on the reverse. Furthermore, below the motive the face value can be seen. To the right of the motif in a semicircle, the word "Australia" and left "Elisabeth II". 


Advantages & Disadvantages of Gold Coin Australian Kangaroo




  • relatively Crisis proof
  • globally traded
  • can be purchased in small quantities
  • recognized bullion coin
  • very beautiful coin




  • poor scratch resistance




  • Manufacturer: Perth Mint
  • Country of origin: Australia
  • First year of mintage: 1986
  • Karat: 24 K
  • Fineness: 999.9 / 1000
  • Alloy: gold alloy
  • Gold Share / Fine weight: 99.9%
  • Scratch resistance: poor
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