Kookaburra 1kg Silver Coin 2018


Kookaburra 1kg Silver Coin 2018 Motif

Weight: 1000.00 g
Purity: 999.9 / 1000
Country: Australia
Mint: The Perth Mint
Grading: Mint State - Uncirculated
Packing: Single in plastic capsule
Tax: Taxfree acc. to Article 17(1)3 Estonian VAT Act
Currently not available
Sell back price: € 687.47
Product Description

The Kookaburra silver coin is issued by the Perth Mint in Australia. With its unique motifs, the Australian Kookaburra is the longest standing silver bullion program of the Perth Mint and one of its most successful. Each year features a new design of the Kookaburra which adds to the appeal of the series.

Weight, Size and Fineness

Kookaburra silver coins are available in 1oz, 10oz and 1kg. The 2018 Kookaburra 1 kg silver coin has a fine weight of 1000 g and a fineness of 999.9/1000. As a result, the coins are scratch-sensitive and should be kept in their packages in order to preserve the coins surface.





Nominal Value

1 kg

1000 g

100.6 mm

14.6 mm

30 AUD


The Kookaburra has a ridge on the outer edge. The border is a bit higher than the rest of the coin and serves to protect the coin image. The motif side features a Kookaburra flying in front of the moon. The inscriptions along the outer edge read “2018” as the embossing year, the fine weight "1 kilo", the fine content "9999" and the precious metal "SILVER". To the right of the motif you can see the Mintmark "P", which stands for Perth Mint.

The value side shows the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, including the initials of the artist "IRB" (Ian Rank Broadley). The label reads "ELIZABETH II ◦ AUSTRALIA ◦ 30 DOLLARS".


In 1990, the Kookaburra was issued by the Perth Mint for the first time in a 1oz coin. In  1991 the 2oz, 10oz and 1kg weights were added. However, the coinage of the Kookaburra 2oz was discontinued after 2009.

The 10oz Kookaburra has a yearly changing motif that shows the Kookaburra kingfisher in a different illustration and environment. The Kookaburra, together with the kangaroo and koala, are the most famous representatives of the Australian fauna.


The Australian "Perth Mint" is one of the most prestigious mints in the world. The mint first opened in 1899, as a branch of the Royal Mint. The Perth Mint operates its own goldsmiths and refining and today manufactures various products in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. The products include investment coins, collector coins, and precious metals jewelry. Its most popular products include; the Lunar series in gold and silver, the silver Koala and Kookaburra and the gold Kangaroo investment coin series.

Along with the Royal Australian Mint, which produces Australian Dollar circulation coins, the Perth Mint is the older of the two mints. However, both mints manufacture coins that are legal tender in Australia.


Country of origin: Australia
Manufacturer: Perth Mint
Fine content: 999.9/1000
Fine weight: 1 kg
Year of Mintage: 2018
Scratch resistance: poor
Denomination: 30 Australian Dollars