Kookaburra 1kg Silver Coin 2016


Kookaburra 1kg Silver Coin 2016

12 Coins available at this price.
Weight: 1,000.00 g
Purity: 999/1000
Country: Australia
Mint: The Perth Mint
Grading: Mint State - Uncirculated
Packing: Single in plastic capsule
Tax: Taxfree, acc. to Art 17(1)3 Est. VAT Act
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Sell back price: € 692.11
Product Description

The Kookaburra Silver coin series was introduced in 1990. Each coin in the series is 99.9% pure silver and considered legal tender in Australia. The Kookaburra is the largest of the kingfisher species in the world. One of the birds most recognizable features is it’s distinctive sound call that can resemble human laughter. Produced by the world famous Perth Mint in Western Australia, the Kookaburra series includes four coins: 1 oz, 2 oz, 10 oz and 1 kg. Investors who are looking for pure Silver coins in weights larger than 1 oz can find it in the Kookaburra.


Key Dimensions

The Kookaburra has an edge rod and rippled edge which protects the coins image. The key dimensions for the Kookaburra 1 kg are listed below.


Fineweight ozThickness Diameter Nominal Value
1 Kilo 14.6 mm 100.60 mm 30 AUD



History and Design 

The Perth Mint was founded in 1896 and officially opened in 1899. The mint was originally a branch of Britain’s Royal Mint and produced gold coins for England. It was not until 1970 that the ownership of the Perth Mint was transferred to the Government of Western Australia. The Perth Mint is one of the oldest mints in the world that is still operating from its original premises. Throughout its 100 plus year history, the mint has fulfilled the dual role of both precious metals refining and coining. As a result of this rich history the Perth Mint produces some of the highest quality gold and silver products on the market. The unique and intricate designs, along with the pure gold and silver content make coins from the Perth Mint popular with investors all over the world.



The Kookaburra is not only a popular silver coin amongst investors but also collectors. The annual design changes offer some differentiation from other brand name silver coins on the market. The 1kg Silver Kookaburra gives investors the option of buying a higher weight silver coin that also has a brilliant design.  


Product Details 

  • Country of origin: Australia
  • Manufacturer: Perth Mint
  • Fineness: 999/1000
  • Fine weight: 1 kg
  • Scratch resistance: Poor
  • Denomination: 30 AUD