Koala 1 kilo Silver Coin 2016


Koala 1 kilo Silver Coin 2016

1 Coin Available
Weight: 1,000.00 g
Purity: 999/1000
Country: Australia
Mint: The Perth Mint
Grading: Mint State - Circulated
Packing: Single in plastic capsule
Tax: Taxfree acc. to article 17(1)3 Est. VAT Act
Currently not available
Sell back price: € 674.26
Product Description

This Koala silver coin with a weight of 1 kilo is the heaviest of the Australian Koala silver coin series 2016. The 1kg silver Koala is minted by the renowned Perth Mint and trades at a lower premium which makes the coin Ideal for silver investors who are looking for the most value.



Fine Weight and Fineness

The 1 kilo Koala Silver Coin has a fine weight of 1,000 grams with a fineness of 999/1000. The diameter of 101.0 mm and thickness of 14.6mm is unusual for a silver coin. With a nominal value of 30 Australian Dollars this coin is legal tender in Australia.




Equipped with edge bar and a rippled edge the Australian Koala is easily stackable. In addition to good stackability, the edge bar protects the motif from damage. The obverse depicts a Koala bear moving from left to right over a branch. The branch reaches out to the edge bar. Above the Koala, eucalyptus leaves are shown. The name of the coin "AUSTRALIAN KOALA" is imprinted around the upper edge. On the bottom of the motif name, the year of issue, fine weight, fineness and metal specification is imprinted. To the right of the motif the mintmark “P” can be seen, which is a symbol of the “Perth Mint”. Since the first issue of the coin in 2008 the reverse depicts the motif of Elizabeth II. The inscription consists of the Queen’s name "ELIZABETH II”, the country of origin “AUSTRALIA” and the nominal value “30 DOLLAR".



The first year of issue of the Koala silver coins was in 2007. In the first year, only the 1 ounce was minted. From 2008 on, Koala silver coins were also minted in sizes of 1kg, 10oz and 1/2oz. In 2008 the 1 kilo Koala had a circulation of only 13,188 pieces. In 2011 the 1/10oz Silver Koala was introduced, which is the smallest weight. The Perth Mint is the official mint of the Koala Silver Coin series, located in Perth, Western Australia. The Perth Mint is one of the highest quality producers of gold and silver investment products in the world.

Next to the Koala silver coin series, the Perth Mint issues a number of other successful coin series, which include:






The 1 kilo Koala coin often carries a lower premium than the smaller weight coins in the series. Silver is traded on all commodity exchanges in the world and therefore prices vary. Investors should understand that Silver prices can experience volatile movements on a regular basis.  

Silver corrodes in air and forms silver sulfide. With time silver bullion and coins can become darker or even black in appearance. It is not recommended to polish pure silver coins. Removing the sulfide will reduce weight and therefore affect the coin value.




  • Name: Australian Koala
  • Country: Australia
  • Manufacturer: Perth Mint
  • Fine Weight: 1kg
  • Fineness: 999/1000
  • Diameter : 101 mm
  • Thickness: 14.6 mm