Birds of Paradise

The Birds of Paradise is a new gold and silver coin from the Perth Mint. The coins are 1 oz of pure gold and silver and feature Victoria’s riflebird, which is a bird of paradise native to north-eastern Queensland.

Both editions are new releases for 2018 from the Perth Mint. These beautifully designed coins have a limited mintage of 5,000 units for the gold coin and 50,000 for the silver coin.

The Birds of Paradise silver and gold coin are appropriate for both collectors and investors. The unique design, limited annual mintage and high level of purity set these coins apart from other bullion products.

2018 Birds of Paradise Gold Coin

The Bird of Paradise gold coin will have a limited mintage of just 5,000 coins worldwide. The coin is available in 1 oz and is 99.99% pure gold. The coin is also legal tender in Australia with a nominal value of 100 Dollars. It is not clear yet whether the Perth Mint is going to make this an annual series. The 2018 edition is the first Victoria’s Riflebird to to be used in a design by the mint.

The motif side of the coin depicts a Victoria’s Riflebird perched on a branch with wings spread out and mouth open. The wings stretch out to the right outer edge of the coin. The inscriptions read “Australian Bird of Paradise” and “1oz 9999 Gold”. Below the right wing is the mint mark “P”, which stands for the Perth Mint.

The value side shows a right side portrait of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II with diadem. The portrait of the Queen is displayed on all commonwealth coins. The engravings around the outer edge read the name of regent “Elizabeth II”, country of origin “Australia”, year of issue “2018” and the nominal value of “100 Dollars”

The edge bar is smooth and slightly raised which protects the coins surface from damage. The motif side of the coin was designed by Jennifer McKenna. The value side was designed by famed artist Ian Rank-Broadley.

Key Specifications

Weight: 1 troy ounce

Diameter: 32.6 mm

Thickness: 2.40 mm

Nominal Value: 100 Dollars

Birds of Paradise

There are approximately 45 species of Birds of Paradise and are small to medium sized forest birds. They are sometimes compared with pheasants and hummingbirds because of their bright color and the shape of their feathers.

The birds of paradise is famously associated with the island of New Guinea, where its plums are used as currency by the local people and worn as a decoration during cultural ceremonies.

A few species of the Birds of Paradise are also home to north eastern Australia, where New Guinea was once physically connected. Victoria’s Riflebird lives in the rainforest year round in Queensland Atherton Tableland.

The Victoria Riflebird is an example of a Bird of Paradise. The bird was known as “duwuduwu” to the indigenous people of the Yidinji tribe. It was first discovered in 1848 by John Macgillivray, who was a Scottish naturalist. The bird was named after Queen Victoria, who was the reigning monarch at the time.

Males have an iridescent purple color that becomes more blue green on the head and more of a bronze color on the breast. The throat area is black with a green and blue triangle in the center. The fermals have a white eyebrow, and the lower body is mostly brown.

The males rich colors are used in a showy courtship dance that involves nodding, weaving and flapping movements. The male also raises his feathers to show the array of bright colors to gain attention. The female is attracted to the males dramatic display and also to his raspy call.


The Birds of Paradise Gold and Silver coin has a number of key advantages.

  • The gold coin has a limited mintage of only 5,000 coins. The silver coin has a mintage of just 50,000 coins.

  • The coin may have collectible value in the future.

  • Perth Mint bullion coins are easy to buy and sell almost anywhere precious metals are sold.

  • Both the gold and silver coin have a high fineness of 999.9/1000

Perth Mint History

The Perth Mint is the official bullion mint of Australia and was initially the third colonial branch of the Royal Mint London. The construction of the mint began in 1896 and it opened in 1899. Sir John Forrest, the first premier of Western Australia, was the driving force behind the effort to convince the Royal Mint to establish a branch in Perth.

Gold Rush

Sir John Forrest saw the opportunity that the gold rush could have on the western Australian economy. The discovery of gold in Coolgardie, Kalgoorlie, and Murchison caused a rapid population increase in western Australia as diggers from all over the world descended on Perth to have their gold deposits refined and minted into coins.

Between 1899-1931 the main focus on the Perth Mint was to produce Gold Sovereigns for the British Government. The mint created tens of millions of Gold Sovereigns during this time period that were used as currency throughout Australia and the British Empire.


In 1931 the Mint stopped making the Gold Sovereign when Britain went off the gold standard. After 1931, the mint shifted its resources to making fine gold bars. It also began to manufacture lower denomination Australian currency coins from base metals until 1983. Hundreds of millions of pennies were created by the mint during this time period using mostly copper.

In 1970 the Perth Mint officially separated from Britain and became wholly owned by the Government of Western Australia.

Gold Corporation

In 1987, a new direction was established for the mint with the creation of the Gold Corporation by Act of Parliament. The new direction expanded the mints mission to market Australian gold, silver, and platinum bullion products to investors and collectors around the world. With the creation of the Gold Corporation, Prime Minister Bob Hawke introduced the Australian Gold Nugget coin series.

The Nugget was an instant success from day one and was renamed the “Kangaroo” in 1989. The Kangaroo was deemed to be a more recognizable symbol for Australia. The Kangaroo has gone on to become the Perth Mints signature gold coin program and is one of the most popular gold coins in the world.

Perth Mint Today

The Perth Mint is one of the most respected mints in the world with an unparalleled selection of gold, silver, and platinum coins for investors and collectors worldwide. The Perth Mints top selling coin programs include:

Buying Tips

Gold Market

The price of the Birds of Paradise gold coin is made up of the gold price (referred to as the spot price) and the premium. There are a number of factors that determine the gold price. Changes in supply and demand, geo-political events and central bank policy to name a few. Gold buyers should become familiar with these price drivers and learn the history of gold as an asset class.

Silver Market

The price of silver will tend to be more volatile because it is a smaller market than gold. In addition, silver is an industrial metal as well as a precious metal. As a result, supply and demand plays a large role in the price of silver.


The premium consists of the cost and margin of the mint and the bullion dealer. Premiums can vary widely depending on the dealer you choose. However, always buy from a dealer who has a proven track record and a wide selection of products to choose from.

Establishing a good relationship with a bullion dealer will make the buy back process easier and more efficient when you decide to sell.

The premium for the Birds of Paradise coins will generally be higher due to the limited mintage.


In Germany, investment gold coins are exempt from VAT regulated in § 25c UStG. The following criteria make the Birds of Paradise gold coin investment gold. The gold coin must have been stamped after 1800; It must be or have been an official means of payment in the country of production; It must have a fine gold content of at least 900/1000; The gold coin may not exceed the open market value by more than 80%


Manufacturer: Perth Mint
Country of origin: Australia
Packing: Single in Protective Capsule
Gold: 99.99%
Alloy: Gold
Size: 1 oz
Scratch resistance: Poor

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