American Eagle 1/10oz Gold Coin different years


American Eagle 1/10oz Gold Coin different years

Weight: 3.11 g
Purity: 917/1000
Country: USA
Mint: . United States Mint
Tax: Taxfree acc. to §25c UStG
Packing: Single in Bag
Grading: Extremely Fine; Circulated
Currently not available
Sell back price: € 157.70
Product Description

The 1/10oz Gold American Eagle is the smallest fractional coin in the series. The 1/10oz is a popular size because it can be a good entry point into gold. As the smallest size coin in the series, it also is offered at a price point that makes the coin easy to accumulate on monthly or regular basis. Smaller weight fractional coins can also be used for barter, which is another attractive feature for the 1/10oz Gold American Eagle. 



The 1/10oz American Eagle is an excellent coin for an investor or collector to consider. The coin is 22 karat gold and is one of the most popular fractional gold coin in the world. 








American Eagle 1/10 oz Gold Coin

3.11 g

16.5 mm

1.19 mm


5 Dollar



One of the advantages of the 1/10oz Gold American Eagle is the brilliant and intricate design. The front features the iconic image of “Lady Liberty” in a flowing gown holding a torch in her right hand and an olive brach in her left hand. 

The coins reverse side depicts a male eagle flying towards his nest. Also displayed is the image of a female eagle with her baby in the nest. The American Eagle is renown for its detailed design and bright appearance. 

22 karat gold coins like the American Eagle have good scratch resistance because of the copper content. However, one added benefit of the American Eagle is the 3% silver content which give the coin a shinny golden color.   



The design of the American Eagle was taken from the $20 Saint-Gaudens gold coin, which was commissioned by Theodore Roosevelt to create coins like the ancient Greek and Roman coins. Americas first gold coin, the original Eagles, were produced by the three year old US Mint in 1795. Today the American Eagle gold coin series is among the worlds leading gold bullion coins. American Eagle gold bullion coins are one of the United States only official investment grade gold bullion coins. Their weight, content, and purity are guaranteed by the US Government. Each coin contains its full, stated weight of pure gold and by law, must be taken from newly minted sources in the US. American Eagle gold coins are rich in history and popular with both collectors and investors worldwide.


Product Details

  • Manufacturer: United States Mint
  • Country of Origin: United States of America
  • Karat: 22 K
  • Gold: 91.67%
  • Copper: 5.33%
  • Silver: 3%
  • Fineness: 916 ⅔ / 1000
  • Alloy: Copper-Gold-Silver
  • Fineweight: 1/10 oz
  • Scratch resistance: good