20 Kroner Christian X. Gold Coin | 1913-1917 | Denmark


20 Kroner Christian X. Gold Coin | 1913-1917 | Denmark

Weight: 8.06 g
Purity: 900/1000
Country: Denmark
Currency: Danish Kroner
Grading: Circulated
Tax: Taxfree acc. to §25c UStG
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Sell back price: € 375.34
Product Description

20 Kroner Christian X Gold coins were minted by the Danish Government in 1913 and 1931. The coins are made of a gold copper alloy with a fineness of 900/1000.

Fineness and Fine Weight

Danish 20 Kroner Gold Coins have a fine weight of 8.06 grams and a fineness of 900/1000. They consist of a gold copper alloy in the proportions 90% gold and 10% copper. The copper content provides good scratch resistance, since copper is a harder metal.


The 20 Kroner Christian X has a reddish (golden red) color, which is caused by the natural color of copper. The color of the coin changes over time to a darker red due to the corrosion of copper. The coin has edge bar and an ornamental circle.

The front depicts the profile of King Christian X of Denmark and the marginal inscription: CHRISTIAN X Konge AF DANMARK 1930 N.

The reverse depicts the Great Coat of Arms of Denmark. On the bottom of the coin the year of issue and the nominal value of 20 Kroner are embossed.


Christian X was the King of Denmark from 1912 to 1949. Christian X was born on 09/26/1870 in Charlottenlund and died on 20th April 1947 in Copenhagen.

He became famous outside of Denmark by the resistance against the Nazi occupation of Denmark in 1940. At the time he rode with his horse every day, without escort, through Copenhagen, the Danish Capital

On both sides of the 20 Kroner gold coin the year of mintage is shown, which is very unusual for coins.

Danish 10 and 20 Kroner coins were minted from 1873 to 1931.

10 Kroner Gold coins have a fine weight of 4.03 g.

There are three different variants of Kroner Gold coins with different Danish kings.


1. Mintage from 1873 to 1900

10 Kroner and 20 Kroner Denmark Christian IX


2. Mintage from 1908 to 1912

10 Kroner and 20 Kroner Denmark Frederik VIII


3. Mintage from 1913 to 1931

10 Kroner and 20 Kroner Denmark Christian X


Name: 20 Kroner Christian X

Country: Denmark

Years of Mintage: 1913 - 1931

Fineness: 900/1000

Fine weight: 8.06 g

Total weight: 8.96 g