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1g Gold Bar Heraeus

Goldbars are sold from leading LBMA manufacturers. We can't influence the producer.
Weight: 1.00 g
Purity: 999.9/1000
Country: Germany | Belgium | Switzerland
Grading: (Near) Mint-state
Manufacturer: Heraeus | Umicore | Pamp | Valcambi | Credit Suisse | Others
Packing: Single Sealed
Tax: Taxfree acc. to §25c UStG
Excl. Tax: € 54.64 Incl. Tax: € 54.64
Sell back price: € 52.89
Quantity Net Per Unit VAT Per Unit Gross Per Unit Premium  
1+ € 54.64 € 0.00 € 54.64 9%
Product Description

The 1 gram bar is the smallest of the gold bullion products. They are popular sizes because 1 gram bars are so easy to acquire. Whether you’re a first time gold buyer or just looking to add gold bars to your portfolio, the 1 gram bar is a good option to consider. The biggest advantage to the 1 gram bar is it’s affordable price point. This allows many gold investors to build a portfolio of smaller weight gold products over time. Heraeus and Umicore are excellent companies. So anyone buying these gold bars are getting a high quality bullion product from a well respected company. Each bar has its own unique serial number and comes in a protective package. 



All bars from Heraeus and Umicore are have a fineness of 999.9/1000. This is one of the highest purity levels of any gold bullion or coin. 

  • Weight: 1 gram
  • Purity: 999.9
  • Country of Origin Heraeus: Germany
  • Country of Origin Umicore: Belgium



One of the many advantages of Umicore and Heraeus gold bars is that each bullion product comes with it’s own unique serial number and in most cases a certificate of authenticity. In addition, all Umicore and Heraeus bars are approved by the London Bullion Market Association as “good delivery” bars. The high quality standards of the bars make the bullion products easy to buy and sell around the world. 


Company Background 

Umicore precious metals refining operation is one of the largest precious metals recycling facilities in the world. The history of Umicore goes back more than 200 years. Heraeus is an international family owned company that was formed in 1851. Heraeus has been a leader in the field of precious metals for more than 160 years.