Euro Gold Coins

Since 2002 Germany has issued Euro Coins with three different denominations and weights. All three gold coins are 24k with a fineness of 999.9/1000. Out of the three editions, the 200 Euro gold coin was only minted in 2002. The 20 Euro coins have been minted since 2010 and the 100 Euro gold coin is minted annually starting in 2002.



The German Euro commemorative coins have a fine gold content of 999.9/1000. Because of their high gold content they have a low scratch resistance and should not be removed from their packaging. With bullion coins, little scratches do not affect the value, but the value of collectors coins suffer greatly even with minor damages or scratches. 


20 Euro gold coin

With the unusual weight of ⅛ oz, the German 20 Euro gold coin series is minted annually with the title "German Forest" since 2010. The weight of 1/8oz corresponds to 3.8879g. The annual circulation of 200,000 pieces is split equally between the 5 German mints. Therefore, each mint produces 40,000 coins annually. The five German mints are: Staatliche Münze Berlin (A), Bavarian State Mint - Munich (D), State Mint Stuttgart (F), State Mint Karlsruhe (G), Hamburg Mint (J). The 20 Euro coins are clearly addressed to collectors, as their premiums are well above the average price of the gold contained.


Nominal Value Ounces Fineweight Diameter ThicknessMintage
20 Euro 1/8oz 3.89 g 17.5 mm 1.15 mm 200,000 per Year


Year Motif
2010 Oak
2011 Beech
2012 Spruce
2013 Pine
2014 Chestnut
2015 Linden Tree


100 Euro Gold Coin

The annually published gold Euro coin with a nominal value of 100 Euros is aimed at investors and collectors alike. Premiums are much lower compared to the 20 Euro edition and therefore the buying price is closer to the gold price. The design of the coin changes every year, but usually depicts a German UNESCO World Heritage. However, up until 2015, there have been two exceptions: First in 2002 with the theme "Introduction of the Euro" and secondly, in 2005 with the theme "FiFa World Cup 2006". The weight of the gold coin is ½ oz corresponding to 15.55 g. The diameter is 28.00 mm and the thickness is 1.65 mm. The gold coins are manufactured in the quality “Mint-state, Uncirculated”.


Nominal Value Ounces Fineweight Diameter Thickness
100 Euro 1/2oz 15.55 g 28 mm 1.65 mm


Year Motif
2002 Introduction of the Euro
2003 Quedlinburg
2004 Bamberg
2005 Soccer Worldcup Germany 2006
2006 Classical Weimar
2007 Hanseatic town Luebeck
2008 Oldtown Goslar
2009 Liebfrauen Cathedral Trier
2010 Wuerzburg Residence and Gardens
2011 Wartburg
2012 Cathedral Aachen
2013 Dessau Woerlitz Gardens
2014 Lorsch Abbey
2015 Rhine Valley


200 Euro Gold Coin

This gold coin was minted only in 2002 for the introduction of the Euro. The coin, in very good condition, trades today well above it’s gold content. The 200 Euro gold coin has a weight of 1oz (31.103 g), a diameter of 32.50 mm and a thickness of 2.45 mm. The mintage of 100,000 coins has been distributed to the 5 mints in Germany. Each mint produces 20,000 pieces: State Mint Berlin (A), Bavarian State Mint - Munich (D), State Mint Stuttgart (F), State Mint Karlsruhe (G), Hamburg Mint (J). 

The front shows as a central element the symbol of the Euro and in the background you can see different architectural and bridge elements. The motif was designed by Anton Z. Jezovšek. The inscription next to the edge bar depicts “Introduction of the Euro" and the motive "Transition to Monetary Union".

The reverse depicts the federal eagle surrounded by 12 stars, representing the 12 first Member States. Directly below the motive is the year of issue "2002". The inscription is "Federal Republic of Germany". At the bottom bar the nominal value "200 euros" is stamped.


Nominal Value Ounces Fineweight Diameter ThicknessYear
200 Euro 1 oz 31.103 g 32.5 mm 2.45 mm 2002


Mints and Mint Marks Germany

The 20 Euro, 100 Euro and 200 Euro coins were and are produced in the 5 different German mints. They are subordinate to the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Federal States.


Mint Mint Mark
Berlin Mint A
Bavarian Mint - München D
Stuttgart Mint F
Karlsruhe Mint G
Hamburg Mint J


Reservation of German Coins

The distribution of new German Euro commemorative coins will take place in the “Sales Agency for Collector coins”. All collectors, banks, savings banks, coin dealers and investors need to order the Euro commemorative there:




  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Karat: 24 K
  • Fineness: 999.9/1000
  • Gold: 99.99%
  • Weights: 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/8oz
  • Denominations: 20 €, 100 € and 200 €
  • Scratch resistance: Poor
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