VAT Free 1 Kilo Silver Coins

A 1 kg silver coin is probably the most beautiful form of silver to buy. Instead of a simple bar, you receive a beautifully crafted coin with an appealing motif.

Due to their high weight, 1 kg silver coins are popular with investors, because the premium to the silver price is very low. Therefore, the silver investment is not only very beautiful but also has more value because of the lower premium.


1 kilo Silver coins can be shopped 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Prices update automatically every minute so investors can benefit from short-term price fluctuations.

Our online shop offers the most popular global brand name 1 kg coin series of the Koala, Kookaburra and  Lunar I. 1 kilo silver coins are sought after amongst investors and collectors due to the beautiful coins designs, the detailed minting process and for the value they offer.

Best Selling 1 kg Silver Coins

1 kg Lunar II Silver Coin

The 1 kg Lunar II silver coin is an Australian investment coin issued by the Perth Mint. The 1 kg silver coin measures 100.6 mm in diameter and is 14.6 mm thick. The 1 kg Australian Lunar II is made from pure silver, and thus carries a fineness of 999/1000.

The total weight and the fine weight are identical. The Chinese zodiac signs were chosen as motifs for this coin series. Each year, a new animal is featured on the front of the coin, which adds to the appeal of the coin.


1 kg Koala Silver Coin

The 1 kg Australian Koala silver coin is an Australian investment coin that was first issued in 2007 by the Perth Mint. The 1 kg silver coin measures 100.6 mm in diameter and is 14.6 mm thick. The 1 kg Australian Koala Silver Coin is made from pure silver with a fineness of 999/1000.

1 kg Kookaburra Silver Coin

Another popular silver Australian coin is the 1 kg Kookaburra coin, which depicts the fascinating motif of the Australian Kookaburra bird, the largest of its kind in the family of kingfishers. The approximately 14.4 mm thick 1 kg silver coin consists of 999/1000 fine silver and measures about 100.6 mm in diameter.


1 kg silver coins are delivered in a protective plastic capsule, which protects the silver coin from scratches. Compared to Silver bars, the 1 kg silver coin has better counterfeiting security because of its complex motif. The coin image itself is a safety feature.

The Price of Silver Coins and Bars

The price of 1 kilo silver coins is composed of the silver price, premium and VAT.

Silver Price

Silver is traded on the various exchanges around the world. Supply and demand are mainly responsible for the rise and fall of the silver price. In addition, many other factors play an important role and can have a significant impact on the price of silver.

These include the dollar price, the oil price, the global political situation and the production of silver. The production volumes are mainly determined by the major mining companies, shareholders, banks, and not least by the silver price itself. At too low of a price, the mining of silver ore becomes unprofitable.


The premium covers the cost and margin of both the manufacturer and bullion dealer. Producers have considerable costs because they need to refine the silver, produce the ingots, and mint the product. The equipment used is expensive and includes blast furnaces and punching machines. Transport, security and other internal business costs also have to be covered in the product price.

After the production, the bullion dealer incurs administration, operational, transport and margin costs to sell the silver products.

The premium is also affected by the demand for silver coins and bars. In periods of high demand the premium will usually increase. Premiums are also impacted by the weight of the silver bar or the silver coin. As a rule of thumb the heavier the silver product the smaller the premium because the production costs are lower. This rule is more pronounced for gold coins and gold bars than for silver.

In addition, there may be a difference between the manufacturers, and thus between the products. Long transport distances or simply other cost structures will lead to different premiums. Customers should therefore compare product prices before purchasing 1 kilo silver coins.

Silver and VAT

In Europe silver bars and coins are subject to VAT . VAT rates vary from country to country and range from 19% to 25%.

Silver coins can also be sold under the margin scheme or offered VAT free. At the current time, the only country where Silver coins are VAT free within the European Union is Estonia.

Investors should become familiar with the tax implications and shipping options when buying silver. Sometimes it can be easier to buy under the margin scheme at a higher price than having higher shipment costs from Estonia through a separate logistical provider.

Tips Buying Silver

The most important consideration when buying silver is the current silver price. As a result,  investors should research the silver price over the last few years to determine a good entry point.

In addition, investors should determine a good investment ratio between gold and silver. Historically silver is more volatile than gold. As a rule of thumb a portfolio that is 80% gold and 20% silver is generally considered a good ratio.

In addition to the silver price, the premium should also be considered. For this reason it is advisable to compare the price of different silver products before buying.

Silver buyers should understand that cast silver bars lose their silver look pretty fast due to the formation of silver sulphide. The process takes much longer with silver coins, since the surface is more dense by the high minting pressure.

It is recommended to keep silver coins and bars in protective packaging to preserve the value of the product.

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