China Panda 1/2oz Goldmünze 2005


China Panda 1/2oz Goldmünze 2005

Feingewicht: 15,55 g
Reinheit: 999 / 1000
Land: China
Prägestätte: China Mint
Erhaltungsgrad: Bankenüblich
Verpackung: Einzeln verschweist
Produkt aktuell nicht verfügbar
Rückkaufspreis: 837,66 €

Another new panda design following the policy of annual changing panda designs. The 2005 China Panda Gold coin consists of ½ troy oz of 99.9 fine gold showing a Panda mother with her cub.


The Obverse:

With the majority of light sky showing behind is shown The Hall of Prayers for Abundant Harvest In the Temple of Heaven. The design is shown with Chinese characters reading on the top on a widened edge bar “People's Republic of China”. The year of issue “2005” is shown at the bottom in large numerals.  


Sitting in a bamboo grove is a mother panda eating bamboo shoots. Her young cub is leaning against mum watching the mother eating. All minting details are then shown above the panda cub at the rim of the coin. Chinese characters display size “1/2 oz”, metal “Au” and purity ”.999”. The nominal value of 200 can be read at the base next to the sign for Yuan.  


  • A total of 35,410 coins were minted.

  • ½ oz coin has 27mm diameter.

  • Coin thickness is 1.85mm